The idea behind my squares

I've opened this blog to share my squares with you

It is my intention to make a square most days using up some of my many scraps and bits and pieces along with some of my stamps that haven't been used very much at all

I got the inspiration for this blog from Johanna who I followed right throughout 2010 - Johanna has given me her permission to follow suit and try to do the same as she did - Johanna is a hard act to follow her squares have been amazing

I hope you will like what you see, maybe leave me a comment and join my followers

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lotstodo Challenge New Beginings

Welcome to my new blog for 2011 !!!!! I've explained above the theory behind the venture. It would be great if you would follow me on the journey.

This is the only square I will be making for this project using new products - the stamp is my new one from Sheena Douglas and the technique - dragging the ink with a damp brush is the first time I've tried it. I thaught both the new blog, the new stamp and the new technique were very appropriate for the first challenge of 2011 on the Lotstodo Challenge blog.

I've got all my boxes ready of scraps, pages from books and images from magazines along with all sorts of bits and bats ready for the other 364 pages I am going to try to make.


  1. hilda, i wish you all the joy and fun i had with this project throughout 2010! you will find it very satisfying, i´m sure!! i will visit your site often...

    (FYI: i clicked the link you provided on the lots-to-do site to come here, but it didn´t work... you might to check it, because otherwise nobody will find you...)

  2. Thanks Johanna - have been and altered the link - hugs Hilda

  3. Hi Hun I love Johanna's work last year and just know yours will be equally mind blowing. Fantastic project looking forward to seeing all you make. Happy New Year and great 'NEW' XOXO Zoe

  4. Happy New Year, Hilda. Love the idea of your new blog, looking forward to seeing all your squares. Love this square, I got these stamps from the Sheena. :-) S xx

  5. Great intention, I'll follow your blog :)

  6. Hi Hilda
    What a fantastic idea I will be following you all the way. I am going to try and use up a lot of my scraps too over the coming weeks although I can't see that I will manage something every day
    I love your first square
    Hugs Jackie x

  7. Great idea....I was inspired by Johanna too this year and chose mini collages for a 37 day challenge from the book Life is A Verb. It is hard to do one a day but I'm plugging away. I can't wait to see what you do. I know they will be wonderful! :) Nan

  8. Its fabulous Hilda, well done with the techniqu and I love your new blog. I look forward to seeing everything new
    hugs June x

  9. Great new blog Hilda! Looking forward to seeing a year's worth of squares as they evolve. xx